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Michael Smith michael.smith at
Mon Dec 4 23:15:48 CST 2006

dhruva wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a newbie on this list. I am working on getting hg (mercurial)
> work on OpenVMS. Python 2.5.0 is available on VMS but lacks the
> os.fork() implementation. I am also seeing issues in os.stat() that is
> used in locking. I am working on it to make the underlying Python work
> so that I do not have to touch the hg sources.
> I just thought of introducing myself as I see a real need to make it
> work on yet another platform, VMS. I am a starter in Python and hence
> will be taking a real long time to get productive. I know a few other
> programming languages which makes it a little easier to learn Python.

As a former VMS user with 12 years experience I wish you all the luck in 
the world with your project.

I know there are new file systems available on OpenVMS but the last time 
I heard it was not possible to have a file named something like a.b.c so 
I don't think it is going to be possible for you to keep the file names 
under the .hg directory with the names they have now.

As I understand it hg makes calls to shell commands to run things like 
sed. These are normally not available under OpenVMS. If you provide them 
you will still have to port the shell interfaces.

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