hg-cvs-import and new branch style

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Sun Dec 17 06:08:40 CST 2006


For personnal needs i'm moving a lot of CVS modules to Mercurial. After
some tries, i decided to use hg-cvs-import because it supports branches.

I enhanced the script a bit and plan to send a patch queue for upstream

But now i'm can't because the script doesn't work anymore since Matt
removed old style branch support. I'm now trying to update the branch
handling code.

I have a few questions about this new branch style:
 - why rawcommit doesn't expose extra param ?
 - the branchcache isn't updated when commiting, this has the side effect
   that the cache isn't coherent. At the moment i do
   repo.branchcache = None
   but it's nasty... is there a better way ?
 - when do i need to set the extra = {'branch': branchname}, at each
   commit or just when switching branches ? My experiments seems to prove
   that if i don't do at each commit, even if i invalidate the cache,
   branch tracking gets lost.

I'm able to provide patch for the rawcommit API if you want.

PS: i already have something working but i really want to clear things out
before sending patches for review.

Edouard Gomez

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