[PATCH 00 of 10] hg-cvs-import improvements

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Sun Dec 17 09:31:46 CST 2006


In the hope to convert a bunch of CVS repos to Mercurial
I had to use hg-cvs-import because among cvs converters
it's the only one to support branches mostly correctly.

So here is the series of improvements i could make on
this handy script. It's still not perfect but i'd like
them to be merged upstream because i think that other
users mey be interested as well, and i don't have any
public python server at hand for publishing the repo.

The menu:
01 - Use getopt for command line options
02 - Pass cvsps output through file instead of stdin
03 - Add option for disabling CVS keyword expansion
04 - Disable commit message modification by default and add
     option for enabling it
05 - Add name map file support
06 - Eventually enables hand surgery with "Ancestor patchset"
     cvsps keyword
07 - Match new branch style API
08 - Add tags to node(0) and save this as special patchset 0
09 - Don't add neither funky nor invalid nor head tags
10 - Prettier output

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