[PATCH 00 of 12] hg-cvs-import improvements (#2)

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Tue Dec 19 00:05:41 CST 2006

Hello again,

This an updated patch series of small improvements on hg-cvs-import

ChangeLog from last post:
 - Changed the -k help message to make it clearer
 - Don't commit tags unless required
 - Track executable bit (seen at http://hg.beekhof.net/hg/cvs-import)

1.  Use getopt for command line options
2.  Pass cvsps output through file instead of stdin
3.  Add option for disabling CVS keyword expansion
4.  Disable commit message modification by default and add option for
    enabling it.
5.  Add name map file support
6.  Eventually enables hand surgery with "Ancestor patchset" cvsps keyword
7.  Match new branch style API
8.  Add tags to node(0) and save this as special patchset 0
9.  Don't add neither funky nor invalid nor head tags
10.  Prettier output
11.  Commit tags only when required
12.  Track executable bit

Edouard Gomez

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