[RFC] Mercurial Queue support in qct

Andrei Vermel avermel at mail.ru
Wed Dec 27 04:56:53 CST 2006

Hello Steve,

I had a play with your nice gui, and have a few comments on the interface.

On a fairly big project I got each run of hg takes a few seconds. 
And this is what each click on a check box does to get a diff. This 
makes selection much less pleasent. Also selecting/unselecting a
big group of modified files that are consequent in the list would
be a lot easier with multiple selection using a shift key - click start of group, 
hold shift, click end of group.

Otherwise the tool is quite helpful, especially now with the mq support.



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> Hello everyone,
> I've spent the bulk of the day hacking support for MQ into qct.  It works 
> basically like this:
> 1) At startup, it runs qtop to determine if a patch is currently applied.
> If no patches are applied, it runs in the usual 'commit' mode.
> 2) If one or more patches are applied, it makes some changes to the GUI.
> * The commit log message field is re-tasked for the patch description
> * The commit button is renamed 'Refresh'
> * Some tool-tips are updated
> 3) It changes the current directory to the repo root, if necessary, then runs
> 'hg status' to get the working directory changes and 'hg tip' to get the list 
> of files currently in the top patch.  Files which are modified in the working 
> directory are given 'M', 'A', 'R' annotations just like before.  Files which 
> are currently in the patch but unmodified in the working directory are 
> given 'm', 'a', 'r' annotations.  The 'OR' of both lists is provided to the 
> user in the file list widget.  Working dir annotations are given precedence 
> over patch annotations.
> The user can then add and/or remove files from the top patch by toggling
> them from in the file list.  The user can create/modify a description for
> the patch, or they can selectively revert changes living in just the working 
> directory.
> This is all on the tip of my repo:  http://hg.borho.org/qct
> I'm hoping to get feedback from MQ users about whether this is a useful
> approach, if the feedback provided by qct is correct, and basically whether
> it does 'what you expect'.
> Cheers,
> PS: In the future I may add more sophiscticated features like pushing/popping 
> patches and re-ordering unapplied patches, but for now I'm mainly interesting 
> in getting this basic operation correct.
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