[PATCH 0 of 6] Unicode support in commit messages

Andrey grooz-work at gorodok.net
Sun Nov 12 14:53:50 CST 2006

> Is it possible to have some benchmarks for a kernel size repo ?

Here are some benchmarks for the Linux kernel tree (taken from 

$ cd linux-2.6

$ time ~/src/hg-crew/hg log >/dev/null
real    0m16.381s
user    0m13.207s
sys     0m1.799s

$ time ~/src/hg-unicode/hg log >/dev/null
real    0m18.087s
user    0m15.447s
sys     0m1.867s

$ time ~/src/hg-crew/hg log --limit 10 >/dev/null
real    0m0.877s
user    0m0.803s
sys     0m0.045s

$ time ~/src/hg-unicode/hg log --limit 10 >/dev/null
real    0m0.891s
user    0m0.825s
sys     0m0.044s

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