mercurial/crew at 5062: 2 outgoing changesets

Mercurial Commits hg at
Sat Aug 4 06:00:04 CDT 2007

2 outgoing changesets in mercurial/crew:
changeset:   5062:0f594cc36aed
tag:         tip
parent:      5060:2ef14e29e538
parent:      5061:a49f2a4d5ff7
user:        Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at>
date:        Sat Aug 04 09:48:21 2007 +0200
summary:     merge with crew-stable
changeset:   5061:a49f2a4d5ff7
parent:      5059:8d9bdcbb2b18
user:        Brendan Cully <brendan at>
date:        Tue Jul 10 10:06:24 2007 -0700
summary:     archive: abort on empty repository. Fixes #624.

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