[PATCH] extdiff: single file diffs from the wc without making a copy

Brad Schick schickb at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 20:16:04 CDT 2007

Peter Williams wrote:
> Brad Schick wrote:
>> Extdiff was always making a temporary directory and copying files even
>> when not required. This change makes extdiff avoid the copy when diffing
>> a single file that lives in the wc... 
> It would be nice if extdiff used symbolic links instead of copy for wc 
> files when multiple files are being viewed.  This would allow the above 
> mentioned editing in the multi file case as well.
This was just mentioned on the main list as well. Seems like a good
idea, but portability might be difficult. ntfs supports hard-links, but
they aren't very well exposed and not available through python (as far
as I can tell).


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