HTTP auth with user/pwd in URL (fwd)

Peter Meerwald pmeerw at
Fri Aug 17 07:07:07 CDT 2007


I already posted on mercurial mail list, maybe -devel is more 

when giving user/pwd in an URL, eg.
hg pull,
hg would still ask for user/pwd in interactive mode (or fail in 

below is a patch against 0.9.4, same issue with tip;
I'd appreciate if you could apply the patch and comment on the issue

regards, P.

--- mercurial-0.9.4/mercurial/       2007-06-26 
04:18:18.000000000 +0200
+++ mercurial-0.9.4-auth/mercurial/  2007-08-14 
18:27:26.000000000 +0200
@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@
         if user:
             ui.debug(_('http auth: user %s, password %s\n') %
                      (user, passwd and '*' * len(passwd) or 'not set'))
-            passmgr.add_password(None, host, user, passwd or '')
+            passmgr.add_password(None, self._url, user, passwd or '')


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Kaigasse 3/8
A-5020 Salzburg / AUSTRIA

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