Bundling tools together with hg for win32

Steve Borho steve at borho.org
Tue Aug 21 16:12:01 CDT 2007

On Tuesday 21 August 2007 3:04:29 pm Patrick Mézard wrote:
> Steve Borho a écrit :
> > On Wednesday 15 August 2007 5:00:04 pm Steve Borho wrote:
> > Unfortunately I'm currently hung up on making MQ work on win32 with
> > the tip of crew or main.  There were some patches applied recently
> > to make gnuwin32-patch work correctly (by passing --binary), but
> > those patches dissapeared when the mpatch work was rolled in, and
> > it's not obvious to me how to make mpatch work correctly.  I
> > haven't found any documentation about how the patch code on the tip
> > is expected to work.
> The old code is still in crew, but not thoroughly tested. To activate
> it, set the ui.patch configuration option to the patch command to
> call like:
> [ui]
> patch = patch
> The --binary options should still be passed under Windows.

So if I don't specify a patch tool in [ui] it will use mpatch by 
default?  Part of the problem I have is that I can't tell which 
implementation it's using.

> mpatch is supposed to work out of the box. It evaluates its input in
> binary mode so you may have issues while trying to apply an LF patch
> to a CRLF source or the opposite. Otherwise, it should work, I use it
> every day with Windows CRLF sources or with mercurial LF codebase
> (using recent crew builds).

Interesting.  It seems to work correctly if I separate the CRLF patches 
into their own patch.  It's when I combine LF and CRLF changes together 
that the qpush operation fails.

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