[ANNOUNCE] new extension: localbranch

Brendan Cully brendan at kublai.com
Sat Aug 25 19:22:36 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I've just written a new extension called "localbranch", documented
briefly here:


Local branches are clones which live inside a repository. That is,
they share a working directory. Plain old clones are nice, but the
overhead of creating a new working directory can be a drag, and you
may have external tools built to use the path to your main
repository, which would have to be reconfigured to use a new
clone. Local branches avoid these problems.

To create a local branch:
hg lbranch foo

To list the local branches in your repository:
hg lbranch

To drop a local branch:
hg lbranch -d foo

To pull changes from one local branch to another (or push, incoming, etc):
hg pull lbranch://foo
hg pull foo will also work in most cases, but [paths] take precedence.

It's a very young extension, and probably still very buggy. Feedback
is appreciated, but please don't store anything vital exclusively in a
local branch yet.

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