Strange encoding error on windows console

Steve Borho steve at
Mon Aug 27 22:50:15 CDT 2007

When I try to add a tag to a repository on windows, for example: 'hg tag 1.9', 
I always get an anonymous error message:

Abort: Error

I've tracked this down (by stepping through the debugger) to 
writetag() calling fromlocal('1.9'), where the decode().encode() 
statement raises an IOError(0, 'Error'), which is totally unexpected as far 
as I can tell.

Has anyone else run into this?  Google hasn't turned up anything useful.  I'm 
running python 2.5 on this machine, and the tip mainline mercurial.  I'm not 
setting any special HG environment variables, and all other commands I've 
tried work just fine.

Perhaps this is a problem with the py2exe bundle I'm creating?

Steve Borho (steve at
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