[PATCH] http auth user & password lookup

Brad Schick schickb at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 20:38:52 CDT 2007

Brendan Cully wrote:
> I think you could just make the uri here prefix-match the target.
> ie realm:http://foo/bar would match http://foo/bar/baz and
> http://foo/bar/quux
Turns out its not quite that simple. Python's config file code
recognizes : as a separator and dups are eliminated.  So doing something
like this won't work cleanly:

realm:http://domain.com = user:pass

I could put the user and path on the left side with a different
separator, and allow the rhs to be a list, but its starting to feel
strained. Any suggestions? I'm assuming that adding another config file
syntax, like xml isn't wanted.


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