patchbomb + py2exe broken on python 2.5

Brad Schick schickb at
Thu Aug 30 17:48:15 CDT 2007

Steve Borho wrote:
> In python 2.5, the email module was refactored to use the PEP 8
> module naming scheme.  There's fixup code in email/ so the
> old naming scheme still works correctly on most systems.  But this is
> too much for py2exe to figure out and it was unable to pull the correct
> email modules into, thus breaking patchbomb.
Have you considered making a win32 install that doesn't use py2exe? It
would be nice to have an installer that downloaded and installed python
only when needed, and then use the standard python distutils to install
mercurial. This would have a few advantages:

1. Avoid the inevitable bugs resulting from py2exe
2. Allow end users to install additional mercurial extensions. With the
py2exe approach, I haven't found an easy way to load anything outside
the resulting exe.

I have an open source nsis [1] installer that can detect, download, and
install python on demand. The primarily effort would be to package
mercurial for win32 with python's distutils and then have the installer
launch that after python is installed (or found to be installed already).



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