patchbomb + py2exe broken on python 2.5

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Fri Aug 31 01:18:34 CDT 2007

Brad Schick a écrit :
> Steve Borho wrote:
>> In python 2.5, the email module was refactored to use the PEP 8
>> module naming scheme.  There's fixup code in email/ so the
>> old naming scheme still works correctly on most systems.  But this is
>> too much for py2exe to figure out and it was unable to pull the correct
>> email modules into, thus breaking patchbomb.
> Have you considered making a win32 install that doesn't use py2exe? It
> would be nice to have an installer that downloaded and installed python
> only when needed, and then use the standard python distutils to install
> mercurial.

That would require people to compile C modules ? I am not convinced this 
is an interesting trade-of: people able to compile C modules with the 
right compiler for the right python version are probably already able to 
use mercurial from source directly and hack whatever they want in it.

Patrick Mézard

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