[new-extension] hg breakout

Essien Ita Essien essien.ita at ucitech.com.ng
Fri Aug 31 01:25:04 CDT 2007

Hi all,

[long rant ahead]

I've been using mercurial for a couple of months now and finally have 
taken a dive to scratch an itch via an extension. Forgive me if 
something like this already exists, i'm just a coding-happy 
extension-newbie :)

The Problem: I have a huge project which I was trying to hook up to the 
Hudson continous integration server. I discovered in so doing that my 
project layout of basically OneBigProjectWithSubFolders(tm) didn't quite
lend itself to easy hooking up via continous integration.

I proceeded to write some shell scripts to attempt splitting them up and 
realized that though split up sounded ok, when a new developer tries to 
get the entire problem, they would either have to depend on YAPCS (Yet 
Another Project Cloning Script) or curse the project owner (me!) for 
having soo many projects all related ofcourse.

Searching for a solution to that dilema I came across the forest 
extension via IRC... two words... "An Excellent Solution" (ok.. heck 
that's 3 words :P)

Anyways... I proceeded to try out my shell script and arrange a forest 
instead of my previous approach, and so far... it all works. The only 
problem is that its not that easy to apply the shell script to split up 
the single huge project into a forest.

I decided to refine the script better, but not as a shell script now, 
but heck... why not an extension? I hit the wiki, and lots of sleepless 
hours later, here we are:


See README for more info.

I'm not yet where I want to be, but i'm darn nearer... and kudos to the 
authors of hg... hacking it ain't bad at all :)

Finally, reviews please... anything i'm obviously (or not so obviously) 
doing wrong?

Is this something that people find usefull? Is it something that would 
probably find itself one day (ohh... the wild dreams) upstream?


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