'hg tag' command - allow multiple tag names in one invocation?

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Thu Dec 6 12:27:59 CST 2007

John Coomes wrote:
> 'hg tag' currently accepts a single tag name; I'd like to extend it to
> allow multiple tag names for a changeset (something our project will
> use periodically).  Thus the usage line would become
> 	hg tag [-l] [-m TEXT] [-d DATE] [-u USER] [-r REV] NAME ...
> I think the code changes are straightforward (although I haven't made
> them yet), but wanted to get some opinions up front.  

It's not clear to me from this how a command adding two tags would look. 
Would you mind providing an explicit example of what it looks like with 
more than one tags (and what changes for the single-case tag, if needed)?



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