[PATCH 6 of 7] win32: include contrib/vim in Windows package

Steve Borho steve at borho.org
Fri Dec 7 18:29:36 CST 2007

# HG changeset patch
# User Steve Borho <steve at borho.org>
# Date 1197073156 21600
# Node ID ac263f7da39c7fe578791aeb3cc6591b9d5b4f72
# Parent  2bdb9a3d4551866eb1065b5df605416feb34dd08
win32: include contrib/vim in Windows package

diff --git a/contrib/win32/mercurial.iss b/contrib/win32/mercurial.iss
--- a/contrib/win32/mercurial.iss
+++ b/contrib/win32/mercurial.iss
@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ PrivilegesRequired=none
 Source: contrib\mercurial.el; DestDir: {app}/Contrib
+Source: contrib\vim\*.*; DestDir: {app}/Contrib/Vim
 Source: contrib\win32\ReadMe.html; DestDir: {app}; Flags: isreadme
 Source: contrib\win32\mercurial.ini; DestDir: {app}; DestName: Mercurial.ini; Flags: confirmoverwrite
 Source: contrib\win32\postinstall.txt; DestDir: {app}; DestName: ReleaseNotes.txt

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