hgmerge.py in mainstream mercurial distribution

dhruva dhruvakm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 02:37:00 CST 2007

 Speaking from the M$ world, would it be a better idea to have Steve's
hgmerge.py in the mainstream mercurial (as an extension)? Having a
python solution instead of a shell variant would be a welcome move as
we on M$ need not depend on a POSIX compliant UNIX shell. I like
mercurial for various reasons and one being that it is fairly self
 Currently, I keep pulling changes from hgmerge's repo, I could do
away with that if it were part of mainstream. Do let me know if
something needs to be done to have it in the main repo or any other
reasons why it is not advisable to have it in main repo.


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