[issue866] hg convert svn and hgk minor problems, also some suggestions

Michal Skrzypek mercurial-bugs at selenic.com
Thu Dec 13 12:38:52 CST 2007

New submission from Michal Skrzypek <michals at math.uni.lodz.pl>:

After "hg convert -s svn http://power-architect.googlecode.com/svn hg-repo" (it
took ages and couldn't finish because of some network problems, so I've used
svnsync + svnserve and converted from the local server, as recommended) there
are some minor problems, not worth creating separate tickets.

I've grouped these, together with some small suggestions, that I suppose are
also trivial to implement or reject (and I am sorry if I'm wrong with this

Only the 0.9.5 version ("python way") has been tested, so it is possible, that
the current tip behaves differently. Windows XP SP2, Python 2.5.1, Polish locale

1. whenever there is no author given for a revision, the default one is used
(from mercurial.ini, [ui].username), and if it is not defined there, it takes
the usual <username>@<host> form. This is confusing. It should be "None" instead

2. under hgk there are problems with displaying line endings of some commit
messages (see the attached screenshot) - on top pane more than one line is
displayed, so the lines are overlapping, rendering the history unreadable, while
at the lower left pane EOLs are visible as squares. It is hard for me to tell
whether this problem belongs to hgk or convert - it is simply the matter of the
design decision of where the conversion of EOLs should occur. Probably in both

3. while we're at it, it would be really nice to include an option to hgk to
wrap the lines of the commit message in the lower pane, to not to force the user
to constantly scroll horizontally

4. while we're still at hgk :), another useful option would be to omit binary
diffs in the lower left pane

5. still about hgk: is it possible for the text in the lower left pane to become
selectable via mouse (for copying parts of it to the clipboard)?

6. it would be nice if svn revision numbers were added to the local tags,
similarly to the script "hgsvn". It will greatly improve the svn->hg transition
(for the user), while not doing any harm at all

Anyway, thanks for this excellent piece of software!
Michał Skrzypek

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title: hg convert svn and hgk minor problems, also some suggestions

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