[issue884] [inotify] Build products not ignored until .hgignore touched

Jesse Glick mercurial-bugs at selenic.com
Wed Dec 19 15:22:12 CST 2007

New submission from Jesse Glick <jesse.glick at sun.com>:

Using the INotify extension (539db616abeb), there is a bit of a problem with
ignore lists. Newly created ignored files (common during a build) are listed as
unknown until you make some change to .hgignore. Test case:

$ hg init hg-inotify-test
$ cd hg-inotify-test
$ echo '^build$' > .hgignore
$ hg ci -m ignorelist -A
adding .hgignore
$ mkdir build
$ touch build/x
$ touch build/y
$ hg stat
? build/x
? build/y
$ touch .hgignore
$ hg stat

messages: 4650
nosy: jglick
priority: bug
status: unread
title: [inotify] Build products not ignored until .hgignore touched

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