Use color on 'status' and 'qseries' output

Kevin Christen kevin.christen at
Thu Dec 27 18:26:16 CST 2007

I've put together the attached patch to use different colors for different
file statuses on the 'status' command, and to differentiate between applied
and unapplied patches on the 'qseries' command.  I implemented this as
changes to the existing commands rather than extensions because:

   - Extensions would have required copy and pasting large chunks of
   mercurial.hg.status and, and I hate cut and
   paste coding.
   - Parallel command sets don't seem like a very good idea as the number
   of commands grows ('diff' and 'cdiff', 'status' and 'cstatus', 'qseries' and
   'cqseries', ...)

I'd appreciate feedback on these (and any other) questions:

   - Do you find this useful?
   - What other commands might benefit from this treatment?
   - Has any thought been given to changing the alias extension to allow
   aliasing of built-in commands (alias diff=cdiff).  That would address the
   issue of parallel command sets.
   - How's my python?  I'm fairly new to the language.

Kevin Christen
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