[PATCH] convert: don't read ~/.cvsrc in test-convert-cvs

Maxim Dounin mdounin at mdounin.ru
Fri Dec 28 04:34:08 CST 2007


On Thu, 27 Dec 2007, Patrick M?zard wrote:

> Maxim Dounin a ?crit :
>> Hello!
>> I'm happend to have "cvs -d ..." in my .cvsrc, and tests/test-convert-cvs
>> fails for me because of it. Attached patch fixes it by disabling cvs startup
>> file usage via CVS_OPTIONS=-f.
> CVS_OPTIONS does not work on my system (cvs 1.11.20, macosx), and I 
> cannot find any documentation about it (just a single post on 
> google.groups).

Oops, sorry, my fault. It's FreeBSD's cvs extension (8 years old though).

> What about:

IMHO, adding -f explicitly would be good enough. I've used CVS_OPTIONS 
just to minimize diffs.

Anyway, I have no problems with your patch.

Maxim Dounin

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