[PATCH] hgext/mq - idempotent operations should return success

Peter Williams pwil3058 at bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 6 21:51:55 CST 2007

Alexis S. L. Carvalho wrote:
> Thus spake Peter Williams:
>> Alexis S. L. Carvalho wrote:
>>> I mostly agree with this, but I really think that qpush without
>>> arguments should return an error if it can't push another patch.
>>> Otherwise you'll break this usage:
>>>    while hg qpush; do
>>>        something
>>>    done
>>> Same thing for qpop - but the error message in both cases could probably
>>> be more friendly (see issue474).
>>> Patches welcome :)  (especially if you can use hg export to generate
>>> them with author and commit message).
>> Do you have some mq patches applied to your repository?  The reason that 
>> I ask is that when I try to clone it get:
> Hmm?  Depends on the repository

The on advertised on your web site.

> - I don't really a have a canonical one,
> and I usually only make them available on HTTP when I want to make some
> code available for review...  Patches on top of either the main[1] or
> the crew[2] repo are usually fine...
>> abort: prechangegroup.mq-no-pull hook exited with status 1
> The prechangegroup hook is called by the local hg before adding the
> revisions to the repo.  IOW, it looks like a problem on your end.

I must admit that I did find it confusing but I'm doing a clone (not a 
pull) into a directory that isn't a hg repository and assumed that clone 
might be testing the source repository in some way.

> If this is the same "prechangegroup.mq-no-pull" from the wiki, it should
> only fail if the repo you're pulling into has mq patches applied, which
> is never the case for clone...

See above re confusion.

>  Was this with an unmodified hg?


>  This
> hook depends on the exit status of hg qtop...

I've tried the clone from a different machine and it works OK so it must 
be a problem with my set up on the first machine.  I'll look into it.

Thanks for your help
Peter Williams                                   pwil3058 at bigpond.net.au

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