Using mercurial on sourceforge

Steve Borho steve at
Mon Feb 12 12:36:53 CST 2007

On Friday 09 February 2007 9:49:49 pm Peter Williams wrote:
> I've been trying (without success) to download hg for Fedora Core 2
> from:
> <>
> as instructed at:
> <
> without success.  Is this package available elsewhere?

For what it's worth, I was able to replicate this setup over the 
weekend.  The Wiki page has a couple of typos; there's two places where 
it references /home/groups/m/mu/mutt/lib/fc2-hg-0.9.3 instead 
of /home/groups/m/mu/mutt/lib/hg-0.9.3.

I just copied the contents of hg-0.9.3 into my project directory and was 
able to follow the rest of the instructions to get a successful 

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