hg diff/status <dir> problem

Johnny Stenback jst at jstenback.com
Wed Feb 21 21:05:44 CST 2007

Hello all,

I recently realized that the windows version of hg (0.9.3) doesn't 
appear to find changes to files in a repository when given a directory 
to look in. I.e. if I set up a trivial repository with a file inside a 
sub directory and change that file, then "hg status" shows the change, 
as does "hg status somedir/somefile", but "hg status somedir" does *not* 
show the change. Same goes for hg diff, hg commit, and maybe other 
commands as well.

I only see this on windows, hg on linux appears to work fine. This 
appears to have worked in version 0.9.1, but I haven't verified that myself.

Anyone have any ideas about this?


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