hg diff/status <dir> problem

Andrei Vermel avermel at mail.ru
Thu Feb 22 02:29:36 CST 2007

Check that the case of your paths is correct.
This involves both the path you type and the current work dir.
If you do 'cd repo\SuBdIr', then windows will think you are really in
SuBdIr, regardless of the actual case of the subdir on disk,
and will deceive hg. This was driving me nuts for a while, until I got
careful about it, and had no such problems since then.

Interestingly enough, on another windows box I got also with XP sp2 ,
the cmd console will always cd to the proper case of subdir.
No idea what is different, could be some registry setting.


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Subject: hg diff/status <dir> problem

> Hello all,
> I recently realized that the windows version of hg (0.9.3) doesn't appear 
> to find changes to files in a repository when given a directory to look 
> in. I.e. if I set up a trivial repository with a file inside a sub 
> directory and change that file, then "hg status" shows the change, as does 
> "hg status somedir/somefile", but "hg status somedir" does *not* show the 
> change. Same goes for hg diff, hg commit, and maybe other commands as 
> well.
> I only see this on windows, hg on linux appears to work fine. This appears 
> to have worked in version 0.9.1, but I haven't verified that myself.
> Anyone have any ideas about this?
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> jst
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