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Peter Williams pwil3058 at
Sat Feb 24 20:55:27 CST 2007

Peter Williams wrote:
> Steve Borho wrote:
>> On Friday 09 February 2007 9:49:49 pm Peter Williams wrote:
>>> I've been trying (without success) to download hg for Fedora Core 2
>>> from:
>>> <>
>>> as instructed at:
>>> <
>>> ge>
>>> without success.  Is this package available elsewhere?
>> For what it's worth, I was able to replicate this setup over the 
>> weekend.  The Wiki page has a couple of typos; there's two places 
>> where it references /home/groups/m/mu/mutt/lib/fc2-hg-0.9.3 instead of 
>> /home/groups/m/mu/mutt/lib/hg-0.9.3.
>> I just copied the contents of hg-0.9.3 into my project directory and 
>> was able to follow the rest of the instructions to get a successful 
>> install:
> We're required by sourceforge to have their logo on all web pages served 
> from their site.  This isn't the case for the pages generated by hgweb. 
>    Is there an easy way to change this?

Problem solved.  I added a logo to the header and footer templates.  It 
would be nice if it could have been done via the configuration file.

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