mercurial/crew-stable@3920: 3 outgoing changesets

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Wed Jan 17 06:00:08 CST 2007

3 outgoing changesets in mercurial/crew-stable:
changeset:   3920:31047b6f7ec1
tag:         tip
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at>
date:        Sun Jan 14 19:10:35 2007 +0100
summary:     Copied files sources were not shown by status -C under Win32.
changeset:   3919:f6f65a8d8ed3
user:        Alexis S. L. Carvalho <alexis at>
date:        Mon Jan 15 16:13:50 2007 -0200
summary:     add test for 540d1059c802
changeset:   3918:540d1059c802
user:        Benoit Boissinot <benoit.boissinot at>
date:        Mon Jan 15 17:56:20 2007 +0100
summary:     bundlerepo: it was meant to be revdiff() instead of chunk()

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