[issue581] there's no --noexec option for any mercurial options

Daniel mercurial-bugs at selenic.com
Thu Jun 7 13:27:12 CDT 2007

New submission from Daniel <nefar at hotmail.com>:

admittedly, I've not looked at all mercurial options, but I really miss a 
noexec function.

For example... doing hg -v up shows me:
resolving manifests
getting file
1 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved

however, I would have liked to know in advance if files were ot be merged etc...
hg -vn up or some such may have done that for me.

hg diff -r tip, and the various other options (hg st --rev .:tip) are not 
nearly as concise.

messages: 3165
nosy: eydaimon
priority: feature
status: unread
title: there's no --noexec option for any mercurial options

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