Random thought I just had about MQ

Eric Hopper hopper at omnifarious.org
Thu Jun 28 17:13:51 CDT 2007

On interesting thing about MQ is that often my queue of patches doesn't need
to be a queue.  Often the patches are relatively independent of each-other.
But remembering to try to handle things that way is a big pain.  This seems
like a case made for Darcs and its theory of patches.

The problem Darcs has is that it becomes very slow because the algorithms
for determining patch order take a long time to run with a lot of patches.
Perhaps Darcs is what should be used to manage MQ patch queues since one of
its strengths is detecting patches that have no dependencies on each-other.

Anyway, this is a random fluffy idea and may be totally worthless for
reasons I haven't thought of yet.  Or my understanding of the situation may
be totally off-base.  I just thought I'd throw it out there.

Have fun (if at all possible),
Eric Hopper -- http://www.omnifarious.org/~hopper/
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