[PATCH] Allow hgweb.config [collections] to also report mq patch repositories

Alexis S. L. Carvalho alexis at cecm.usp.br
Sun Mar 4 07:25:13 CST 2007

Thus spake Ben Thomas:
> # HG changeset patch
> # User Ben Thomas <bthomas at virtualiron.com>
> # Date 1171545001 18000
> # Node ID 9808688a12067cfff303870fca0f9eb7432d3e76
> # Parent  e9fe2b12799cb1f5fd84188df4babeaf2e0af50c
> Allow hgweb.config [collections] to also report mq patch repositories
> Extend the walkrepos function to also return an mq patch repository
> path (if it exists). walkrepos, in util.py, appears to be used only
> in processing the [collections] capability.
> Without this change (so far as I can tell), it's necessary to
> individually list every patch repository. This can be
> painful. For instance, I currently have 34 repositories, each with
> their own associated mq patch repository. Keeping this straight
> and up to date is more easily done with [collections] than with
> individual pointers.

Not sure about this one - I can imagine somebody not wanting to export
his patch repos, and I'm pretty sure mpm would like to avoid adding
special cases just for mq (or any other extension for that matter)...


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