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Sun Mar 4 12:15:17 CST 2007

8 new changesets in hg-stable:

changeset:   3957:306055f5b65c
user:        Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at intevation.de>
date:        Thu Mar 01 22:15:17 2007 +0100
summary:     Unified #! paths for python scripts and removed them for test modules.

changeset:   3958:a3a6f71edf2e
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at gmail.com>
date:        Mon Feb 19 09:59:37 2007 +0100
summary:     streamclone: stream_out tried to decodefilename non-normalized paths

changeset:   3959:43d8f7466920
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at gmail.com>
date:        Mon Feb 19 10:29:05 2007 +0100
summary:     localrepo: stream_in may raise ZeroDivisionError with nul float elapsed argument.

changeset:   3960:e817c68edfed
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at gmail.com>
date:        Mon Feb 19 10:32:46 2007 +0100
summary:     stdout raises EINVAL when flush() is called on a closed pipe under win32.

changeset:   3961:178007785be8
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at gmail.com>
date:        Mon Feb 19 10:08:59 2007 +0100
summary:     web/server: disable address reuse option for BaseHTTPServer on windows

changeset:   3962:1ca664c964e0
user:        Erling Ellingsen <erlingalf at gmail.com>
date:        Tue Feb 20 22:20:16 2007 +0100
summary:     don't return uninitialized memory from bdiff.blocks()

changeset:   3963:0d94e4a3ddb4
user:        Andrei Vermel <avermel at mail.ru>
date:        Mon Feb 19 12:38:58 2007 +0300
summary:     Close keepalive connections to fix server traceback

changeset:   3964:a9ee6c53af8d
tag:         tip
user:        Christian Ebert <blacktrash at gmx.net>
date:        Sat Mar 03 17:54:13 2007 +0100
summary:     mq: abort cleanly when invalid patch name is given to qguard

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