[PATCH 00 of 13] Cleanup of the purge extension

Emanuele Aina faina.mail at tiscali.it
Sun Mar 4 15:50:06 CST 2007

Alexis S. L. Carvalho preoccupò:

> I'm more worried about what hg purge will do in arguably broken
> filesystems - specifically case-insensitive ones and HFS (or whatever's
> the name of the OS X filesystem).

It should be HFS+. Didn't know about its name mangling behavior... :(

> In these filesystems, you can tell hg to add a file with one name, but
> os.listdir() may return another name.
> For example, on case-insensitive filesystems:
> $ touch Foo
> $ hg add foo
> $ hg status
> A foo
> ? Foo
> If hg purge removes Foo, users will get angry.
> On OS X things get even muddier, since it likes to use normalized
> Unicode in decomposed form (or something like that):  if you create a
> file called "é" ("e" with acute accent as a single character), it will
> decompose it into two characters ("e" and a combining acute accent).  So
> the return of os.listdir won't match what we have on the dirstate.
> Maybe it'd be enough to refuse to run if statwalk returns some "m"issing
> file, but I'm not completely sure. 

Even this is not going to be enough: in your example, doing 'hg purge'
will erroneously delete the unknown "Foo" file, even if it is not
present any missing file. :(

This problem is not strictly related to 'purge' but more general as it
affects also 'status', as it is shown by your example.

The problem could be divided in two:

- detect case-insensitive or name mangling filesystems
   we could maybe put a special file in .hg and, at repo object creation,
   try to access it with a different name: for example '.hg/Foo-è',
   accessed with '.hg/foo-è' and '.hg/Foo-e`' (in unicode)

- normalize the file names
   it can be done in the dirstate.__contains__() method, once a
   name-mangling fs has been detected

Is this a reasonable approach?

> I'd really like to put at least some safety net before moving purge.py
> to hgext.

What kind of safety net?

Complimenti per l'ottima scelta.

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