[PATCH 00 of 13] Cleanup of the purge extension

Alexis S. L. Carvalho alexis at cecm.usp.br
Tue Mar 6 15:00:08 CST 2007

Thus spake Emanuele Aina:
> Alexis S. L. Carvalho apprezzò:
> >I like these patches, since purge.py becomes quite a bit simpler, but I
> >have a few questions about the statwalk changes (and there're two issues
> >that I guess could be solved with two additional patches instead of
> >rebasing everything).  See my other messages.
> I've applied your tips and updated some patches.
> Should I resend all of them with patchbomb?

Nah - other than the patch that moves it to hgext, I've pushed
everything to crew.  I also tweaked a bit the patch that changes
statwalk to only return directories if explicitly asked for.

Let me know if I screwed up something.


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