Possible bug in "status" command

Vincent Danjean vdanjean.ml at free.fr
Wed Mar 7 02:02:39 CST 2007

Thomas Arendsen Hein a écrit :
> * Peter Williams <pwil3058 at bigpond.net.au> [20070306 05:23]:
>>  -i --ignored    show ignored files
>> To me this clearly implies that the -i flag will cause ignored
>> files to be ADDED to the files that would otherwise be displayed
>> but in fact it causes ONLY ignored files to be shown.
> Fixed in crew-stable (added "only" in the docs).

I would prefer to remove the "only" word for every option[1]
and add that the default (without any option) is "-mardu"

  Best regards

[1]: with "only", when I look at the help message, I'm under the
impression that using two options (for example -a -m) will only
display files corresponding the the two options (files that are
added AND modified simultaneously ?) that is mostly (always ?) none.

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