[PATCH] Added new send extension

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Thu Mar 22 07:43:31 CDT 2007

On 2007-03-22, John Goerzen <jgoerzen at complete.org> wrote:
> The goal is that a person can just type "hg send" and The Right Thing
> happens.  We're not quite that automated yet, but I think it's
> attainable.

ThomasAH had a nice suggestion on IRC this morning:

<ThomasAH> CosmicRay: Hi! For "hg send", I think a file in the
  repository containing URL/email pairs is better, hg send could then look
  at default/default-push for a matching URL and use the found email
  address. Of course you have to follow the chain of local clones until
  you'll see an http URL, because of (remote repo) -> (clean clone) ->
  (working clone)

If we aren't going to modify the remoterepos to look at the server for
a per-repo config (mpm doesn't seem to like that option), this ought to
work.  It will be mergable just fine, so should solve all the problems
with just having a flat .hgemail file with an email address or some
such.  If hg send is accepted, I would be happy to implement this.
(Ditto for hg email --outgoing)

He also added:

<ThomasAH> CosmicRay: Yes, the patchbomb extension is for people who
  know what they're doing while send should be fire&forget :)

which sums up my opinion on the separate vs. combined issue very nicely.

I think that a user should be able to type "hg send", hit Return, and
everything just happens right.  Poof, end of story, no need for further
input.  (*Maybe* a subject line)

That's how it works in Darcs, and is a *very* powerful argument for the
tool, IMHO.

-- John

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