MercurialQueues patch merging broken?

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Sun May 13 17:36:54 CDT 2007

Giorgos Keramidas a écrit :
> With a recent crew build, I see the following when trying to rebase an
> MQ patch queue:


> This seems to have been broken recently, as I have used the same
> sequence of steps to rebase MQ patchsets several times in the past,
> without this sort of error :-(

I first thought I broke it with:
(because the repo looks good before this point wrt mq merge)

but I did not touch the series_end() method. You might want to bisect 
<> instead.

What happens is the status file is incorrect after qpush+merge. It might 
be caused by the mq markers which make q.applied having elements not 
belonging to q.series.

I will try to dig it tomorrow.

Patrick Mézard

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