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Fri Nov 2 07:00:08 CDT 2007

8 outgoing changesets in mercurial/crew-stable:
changeset:   5482:ec2cc1dadbf7
tag:         tip
user:        Hollis Blanchard <hollisb at>
date:        Thu Nov 01 17:15:50 2007 -0500
summary:     Handle patches with misformatted empty lines
changeset:   5481:e5eedd74e70f
user:        Dustin Sallings <dustin at>
date:        Thu Nov 01 12:17:59 2007 -0700
summary:     Use both the from and to name in mdiff.unidiff.
changeset:   5480:003d1f174fe1
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at>
date:        Thu Nov 01 12:05:14 2007 +0100
summary:     Fix Windows os.popen bug with interleaved stdout/stderr output
changeset:   5479:81bef3c355c5
user:        Elliott Peele <elliot at>
date:        Tue Oct 30 16:54:25 2007 -0700
summary:     https url handling: usernames and passwords were registered to the wrong url
changeset:   5478:f7c99e89178f
user:        Christian Ebert <blacktrash at>
date:        Sun Oct 28 09:25:35 2007 +0100
summary:     patchbomb: no traceback if (diffstat) confirmation is refused
changeset:   5477:5223c360503e
user:        Benoit Boissinot <benoit.boissinot at>
date:        Fri Oct 26 12:01:14 2007 +0200
summary:     patchbomb: fix traceback when diffstat isn't available
changeset:   5476:bff41174563f
user:        Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at>
date:        Thu Oct 25 19:40:56 2007 +0200
summary:     Only set mode of new patch if the target file was removed before.
changeset:   5475:b3afa6725082
user:        Sebastian Hauer <sebastian.hauer at>
date:        Wed Oct 24 22:15:45 2007 +0200
summary:     httprepo: ignore environment proxies when proxies are disabled

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