[issue820] hg -R .hg/patches pull ../qbundle.hg wrecks mq repo

Peter Arrenbrecht mercurial-bugs at selenic.com
Sat Nov 3 04:56:23 CDT 2007

New submission from Peter Arrenbrecht <peter.arrenbrecht at gmail.com>:

When pull and incoming create bundlerepo, they use the repo in the current
folder as the bundle's base repo, rather than the one specified using -R. This
means "hg -R .hg/patches pull ../qbundle.hg" will pull the main repos history
into the patch queue repo, creating a lot of noise and an additional head.

assignedto: parren
messages: 4260
nosy: parren
priority: bug
status: in-progress
title: hg -R .hg/patches pull ../qbundle.hg wrecks mq repo

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