Symlinks support status?

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Mon Nov 5 06:41:57 CST 2007

> My idea for handling this is for a symlink to be replaced in the
> working directory by an actual copy of the linked-to
> file/directory. Then it "looks" the same as long as changes are not
> made to any of the copies.

But when they are, we have the problem....

Plus, do not forget about cases like:

        appversion --> ../config/
        appversion -> ../startups/appversion

(well, a bit artificial, but I keep my /etc/ in mercurial and even
more ugly configs are not that rare)

Also, in cases where symlinks point outside, they are often useless
when moved to another system. What benefit it would bring if one
worked really hard to support on Windows this symlink to
/usr/local/share/icons ;-) ?

On the other hand: what about discussing about specific systems
instead of 'general case'? Namely - Windows. They do not have
symlinks, but they have those .LNK files which to some degree
work as symlink, at least for GUI tools. Maybe it would make
sense to convert symlinks to .LNKs?

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