Your fix for mercurial issue 660

Peter Arrenbrecht peter.arrenbrecht at
Sat Nov 10 02:43:25 CST 2007

Hi Maxim

I just found that your fix

also fixes my bug, for which a script follows. You would know better
whether you meant to fix this with your change, or whether it was
accidental. If the latter, I guess we should add this scenario to the
tests as well.

What do you think?

Thanks for your fix, anway!

#! /bin/bash

rm -rf test-repo
hg init test-repo
cd test-repo
hg qinit

echo "syntax: glob" >.hgignore
echo "sub/tracked" >>.hgignore
hg add .hgignore
hg ci -m ".hgignore added"

mkdir sub
echo "tracked" >sub/tracked
hg add sub/tracked
hg ci -m "tracked added"

hg qnew rem-tracked.patch
hg rm sub/tracked
hg qrefresh

echo "new" >new
hg add new
hg qrefresh

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