[issue831] 'hg convert' creates broken reporsitory from CVS source

ulpfr mercurial-bugs at selenic.com
Fri Nov 16 02:26:37 CST 2007

New submission from ulpfr <pfeifer at wait.de>:


when using 0.9.5 to convert a very simple CVS repository (test script attached)
the resulting repository knows about files ("hg manifest") but marks them with
"?" when asked with "hg status".  Also "hg diff" would not detect a change.
In order to continue development with the mercurial repository, I don't think
that is the desired behavior.

++ pwd
+ cwd=/home/upf/projects/tools/hgsync
+ rep=/home/upf/projects/tools/hgsync/CVS
+ mkdir CVS
+ cvs -d /home/upf/projects/tools/hgsync/CVS init
+ mkdir cvs
+ cd cvs
+ echo 'Zeile 1'
+ echo 'Zeile 1'
+ cvs -d/home/upf/projects/tools/hgsync/CVS import -m 'Initial import' test
vendor v0
N test/file_a
N test/file_b

No conflicts created by this import

+ rm file_a file_b
+ cd ..
+ rmdir cvs
+ cvs -d/home/upf/projects/tools/hgsync/CVS co test
cvs checkout: Updating test
U test/file_a
U test/file_b
+ mv test cvs
+ hg convert cvs hg hg.map
initializing destination hg repository
connecting to /home/upf/projects/tools/hgsync/CVS
scanning source...
1 Initial revision
0 Initial import
updating tags
+ cd hg
+ echo 'Zeile 2'
+ echo 'Zeile 2'
+ echo '# Now '\''hg diff'\'' should show the changes'
# Now 'hg diff' should show the changes
+ hg diff
+ echo '# It does not'
# It does not
+ echo '# What is the status of files anyway?'
# What is the status of files anyway?
+ hg status
? .hgtags
? file_a
? file_b
+ echo '# Hmm, '\''?'\''?'
# Hmm, '?'?
+ echo '# What is the manifest?'
# What is the manifest?
+ hg manifest
+ echo '# Not very consistent'
# Not very consistent

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nosy: ulpfr
priority: bug
status: unread
title: 'hg convert' creates broken reporsitory from CVS source

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