Mercurial wiki lost password

Matt Mackall mpm at
Fri Nov 16 15:17:26 CST 2007

On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 07:47:37PM +0100, Mads Kiilerich wrote:
> Dorin Ioan Marinca wrote, On 11/16/2007 04:46 PM:
> > When asking for sending me by email my forgotten login & passwd for 
> > Mercurial wiki ( ) 
> > I've received my good login name but a wrong password. Fortunately 
> > I've remembered the password. Anybody else could confirm the issue and 
> > eventually fix? I don't know who is the wiki's administrator?
> See - seems to be the same issue and 
> a workaround
> AFAIK Matt is the wiki-and-everything-else admin - and he seems to 
> prefer development compared to system administration ;-)

That, and I have a lot of non-Mercurial stuff to admin. If someone
knows a fix short of upgrading moin, I'm all ears.

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