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Sat Nov 24 13:15:42 CST 2007

3 new changesets in mercurial:
changeset:   5544:686899a7de5b
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Sat Nov 24 12:13:32 2007 -0600
summary:     revlog: make revlogv0 loading more robust against corruption
changeset:   5545:5a124ce4602a
parent:      5540:00b812ad67cb
user:        Patrick Mezard <pmezard at>
date:        Sat Nov 24 17:56:15 2007 +0100
summary:     cmdutil: always expose "files_add", "files_del" and "manifest" templater properties
changeset:   5546:92991422a847
tag:         tip
parent:      5544:686899a7de5b
parent:      5545:5a124ce4602a
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Sat Nov 24 12:35:02 2007 -0600
summary:     Merge with crew

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