Creating RSS feeds of commit *diffs*

Steve Kemp steve at
Wed Nov 28 07:25:19 CST 2007

  I'm very pleased with my recent conversion to mercurial,
 but one thing is missing.

  The RSS feed for the project changelog (accessed via
 hgweb.cgi?style=rss) contain only the description for
 changes, not the actual diff.  Is it possible to change this?

  I tried the following naive edit of changelogentry-rss.tmpl:

-   <description><![CDATA[#desc|strip|escape|addbreaks#]]></description>
+   <description><![CDATA[#diff|strip|escape|addbreaks#]]></description>

  Unfortunately that didn't succeed.  Any suggestions would be
 most welcome.  (I would like to use rss2email as a cheap way of
 creating a *-commits mailing list..)

  I'm running the version of mercurial contained in Debian Etch,
 but I can backport changes if this is required.

# some small repositorise

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