Contributions silently ignored - now what?

Peter Arrenbrecht peter.arrenbrecht at
Thu Nov 29 04:20:29 CST 2007

Hi all

I'm stumped. I tried to contribute a few patches. Some fixes, some
enhancements, some which would need a bit of discussion. One trivial
patch got included. The rest was silently ignored. What is the message
I am supposed to get?

Were the relevant people too busy to notice? Do I just try again?
Isn't that rude? How long do I wait for them to appear in the commit
log messages before I retry?

Or are my contributions not welcome the way they are? But why? What
should I change? Whom should I ask? How does this process work? I did
read the Developer Info on the Mercurial wiki, but it did not help. I
had read it before and I have tried to follow the rules. If I failed,

Here's are the contributions that were ignored:
(4 patches) (1 tentative patch)

And here's the one that was accepted:

I have more I would like to contribute (optionally adding/updating "hg
export"-style headers to mq patches so you get proper attribution in
shared queues), but I really would like to know more about how the
contribution process works before I do.

If we manage to get some good advice together in this thread, I'd be
ready to update the wiki accordingly.

Thanks for any insight,

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