record extension - where's diff option?

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Thu Sep 6 11:58:36 CDT 2007

Neal Becker a écrit :
> Patrick Mézard wrote:
>> Neal Becker a écrit :
>>> hg record SConscript
>>> diff --git a/mod/SConscript b/mod/SConscript
>>> 1 hunks, 12 lines changed
>>> record changes to 'mod/SConscript'? [Ynsfdaq?]  ?
>>> y - record this change
>>> n - skip this change
>>> s - skip remaining changes to this file
>>> f - record remaining changes to this file
>>> d - done, skip remaining changes and files
>>> a - record all changes to all remaining files
>>> q - quit, recording no changes
>>> ? - display help
>>> Am I missing something?  Where is the option to SEE the diff?
>>> Without this, seems pretty useless.
>> Looks like an UI problem. What happens if you type RETURN or "y" ?
>> Is the lack of "show diff" option when asking for the whole file commit
>> your problem ? (even if hunks are displayed afterwards)
>> --
>> Patrick Mézard
> How can I decide whether to accept the change if I can't see the diff?

I still think this is a wording issue: it actually asks whether you want 
to inspect the file to record changes. I am not convinced that it would 
be useful to display the whole diff before displaying the hunks. If you 
are not sure about recording or not, well just go on and check the 
hunks. If you get certain all the changes should be kept then hit 
"record all".

Showing the whole diff then the hunks looks like duplicate work for me.

Patrick Mézard

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