convert extension and project copies

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Tue Sep 18 15:59:36 CDT 2007

Patrick Mézard a écrit :
> Hello,
> Assuming a surprisingly regular SVN repository like:
> /trunk/project/foo ---*--------
>                        \
>                         /branches/project/foo-1.0
> I want to convert /branches/project/foo-1.0 to a mercurial repository 
> with convert extension. If I run:
> $ hg convert url://svn-repo/branches/project/foo-1.0

Actually, this command runs fine (or looks like it will). What I really 
did was something like:

$ hg convert url://svn-repo/branches/project/foo-1.0/subproject

In this case, the converter fails to backlink to the parent subproject. 
    And if it did, it would still convert all the subproject history 
from revision 0. I guess what I really want here is a "starting revision".

Sorry for the noise.

Patrick Mézard

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