man(1) hg: .hgtags, .hgignore disappear in FILES section

Christian Ebert blacktrash at
Wed Sep 19 09:16:28 CDT 2007


I might have an ancient xmlto version, so could someone else
check if .hgignore and .hgtags disappear from hg.1?

$ xmlto --version
xmlto version 0.0.18

Here (MacOS 10.4.10, latest Hg from crew) it looks like this atm:

	   This file contains regular expressions (one per line) that describe
	   file names that should be ignored by hg. For details, see

	   This file contains changeset hash values and text tag names (one of
	   each separated by spaces) that correspond to tagged versions of the
	   repository contents.

       /etc/mercurial/hgrc, $HOME/.hgrc, .hg/hgrc
	   This file contains defaults and configuration. Values in .hg/hgrc
	   override those in $HOME/.hgrc, and these override settings made in
	   the global /etc/mercurial/hgrc configuration. See hgrc(5) for
	   details of the contents and format of these files.

Somehow the list items starting with a dot get eaten.
Unfortunately I don't know how one could escape the dot for the
manpage format (html is ok).

keyword extension for Mercurial (
<> (0.9.2 backwards compatible)
Mercurial crew development repository + keyword extension:

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